Kulturnetzwerk Koppelschleuse Meppen
Helter Damm 1
49716 Meppen
Geschäftsführer: Burkhard Sievers
Tel. 0 59 31 - 4 09 97 72
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Koppelschleuse Meppen
(05931) 88 38 78 20

Youth Hostel
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The region

Experiencing architecture and culture. Besides the citadel town of Meppen and the hunting estate Clemenswerth on the German side, the citadel Bourtange and the fort Coevorden among other places of interest in the Netherlands are tourist attractions. The Koppelschleuse Meppen and the Stichting van Gogh en Drenthe have been active in cooperating across borders to further the treasures of this region and an intercultural exchange.
Netherlands; Region Drenthe
Stichting Van Gogh & Drenthe
Van Goghstraat 17844 NP
NL Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam

Germany; Landkreis Emsland
Kulturnetzwerk Koppelschleuse Meppen
Helter Damm 1
DE 49716 Meppen