Kulturnetzwerk Koppelschleuse Meppen
Helter Damm 1
49716 Meppen
Geschäftsführer: Burkhard Sievers
Tel. 0 59 31 - 4 09 97 72
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Koppelschleuse Meppen
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Youth Hostel
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The Partners

The city of Meppen

The green city - threaded by waterways
Away from the hectic atmosphere of big cities, at the western edge of Lower Saxony and only about 20km from the border to the Newtherlands lies the old citadel town of Meppen, whose historic roots go back more than 1200 years. This administrative seat of the Emsland county borough with its growing economy and comprehensive choice of schools and colleges, sports and cultural events as well as leisure activities offers a high quality of life not only to its inhabitants but also to an ever growing number of guests, who have the opportunity to stay at the guesthouse for youth and cultural events, for example.
Stadt Meppen

Ausstellungszentrum für die Archäologie des Emslandes
(Exhibiton centre for the archaeology of the Emsland region)

The centre offers an insight into the eventful history of the Emsland region: original finds, reconstructions and models from prehistory and early history to the early Middle Ages in Emsland show proof of an eventful history in this region between the Ems and Hase rivers. Focus is put on the Neolithic period with its typical megalithic graves, which still today shape the character of the Emsland landscape. Activities range from workshops on experimental archaeology and museum festivals to excursions to archaeologically typical features of the area. Personal experience thus leads to an understanding of the cultural history of the region.
Archaeologie Emsland

Jugend- und Kulturgästehaus Jugendherberge Meppen
(Youth hostel and guesthouse for cultural activities)

This youth hostel and guesthouse, which is recognized nationwide as a meeting place to gain cultural experience, offers a wide scope of attractive cultural programmes to groups of visitors who come here on school or recreational trips or for seminars.

Under the management of the German youth hostel organization, the guesthouse, one of the most modern youth hostels in Germany, offers high quality facilities. This house with its spacious and varied rooms and its diverse media equipment is the ideal place for meetings and seminars in the Emsland region. Membership in the German youth hostel organization is a prerequisite for guests here.
Jugendherberge Meppen

Meppener Kunstkreis e.V.
(arts and crafts circle)

This circle has made it its objective to establish a local art programme with exhibitions, workgroups and excursions. Its arts and crafts school offers creative programmes for children, youth and school groups.
Meppener Kunstkreis
Kunstschule Koppelschleuse

The Stichting Van Gogh & Drenthe

This trust has made the restoration of the historic ferryman's cottage and guesthouse Scholte possible, a place where Van Gogh once stayed and worked. Apart from permanent and temporary exhibitions refreshments are served at the café.
Stichting van Gogh