Kulturnetzwerk Koppelschleuse Meppen
Helter Damm 1
49716 Meppen
Geschäftsführer: Burkhard Sievers
Tel. 0 59 31 - 4 09 97 72
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Koppelschleuse Meppen
(05931) 88 38 78 20

Youth Hostel
(05931) 88 38 78 0

The Location

The rivers Ems and Hase and the city bulwark crowned by a tree-lined pathway determine the character of Meppen as an old citadel, situated in the west of Lower Saxony close to the border to the Netherlands.

The cultural network Koppelschleuse owes its name to a historic hydraulic engineering achievement, the coupled lock, which makes it possible to overcome a substantial elevation by combining two lock chambers. Part of the lock facility is the classicist building (built 1828) of the hydraulic engineering inspectorate of the Royal House of Hanover. Since 1981 the Meppener Kunstkreis e. V. and the Kunstschule Koppelschleuse have their home here. Directly adjacent we have an exhibition centre for the archaeology of the Emsland region, which exhibits significant prehistoric and ancient finds and also stages special exhibitions.
Close to these two buildings we have a café and a youth hostel and guesthouse catering for art and culture interests in an expansive park that combines historic and contemporary architecture.