Kulturnetzwerk Koppelschleuse Meppen
Helter Damm 1
49716 Meppen
Geschäftsführer: Burkhard Sievers
Tel. 0 59 31 - 4 09 97 72
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Koppelschleuse Meppen
(05931) 88 38 78 20

Youth Hostel
(05931) 88 38 78 0

Koppelschleuse Meppen

Five partners have joined up to form the cultural network Koppelschleuse Meppen to bring together culture and tourism in exquisite surroundings.

The youth hostel and guesthouse for cultural activities, the exhibition centre for the archaeology of the Emsland region, the Meppener Kunstkreis with its arts and crafts school, the city of Meppen and the Stichting Van Gogh & Drenthe (NL), a Dutch trust, offer a varied programme of events featuring fine arts, archaeology, music, theatre and literature.
We offer exhibitions, seminars and projects as well as guestrooms, conference rooms, workshops and a canteen and we also support you in organising and managing your own events.

The name of this cultural network is derived from its geographic proximity to the historic coupled lock, in which two lock chambers are installed in sequence to overcome a substantial elevation.